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CBDvitality is a company that was founded on the principle of providing non-pharmacological alternatives to people who suffer from chronic inflammation, chronic pain, need detoxification or generally want to improve and maintain their immune system.

Most of the pharmacological drugs have unwanted side effects and numerous drug reactions, some even may have effects that do not manifest until years after their chronic use. That is primarily because they do not work synergistically with our body’s system, working as external agents that temporarily alleviate symptoms while disrupting a cascade of functions.

As dynamic as our bodies are, they work in a delicate balance. CBDvitality believes in natural alternatives to pharmacological ones, that work in harmony with the body’s system to repair the damage at its root cause. We are a company that vows to provide our customers with not only the best quality products but also the highest level of honest care and advice on the products we sell.

Cannabidiol aka CBD works on intrinsic receptors already found in our body as part of the Endo-Cannabinoid System. CBD receptors are present throughout the body; brain, lungs, liver, intestines, lymphatics, kidney, spleen. CBD works as a part of the body’s physiology to achieve homeostasis and has profoundly positive effects on the immune system. Homeostasis refers to the balance of functions of the body in order for optimal functioning.

Everything we offer at CBDvitality has a thoroughly researched background as we are a company fervently concerned with our customers’ health and well-being. We believe that health is not merely the absence of disease, for a person to be healthy it is vital that their emotional, mental and physical health align around the central axis of their being.

Each product undergoes rigorous quality control procedures that are implemented right from the harvesting of hemp to the packaging and delivery of each product. CBDvitality believes in the influence CBD has on multiple conditions related to auto-immune dysfunction and chronic inflammation to name a few, and we have come together as a company to impart its benefits to as many people as we can.




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